Cat, Dust Mite, Grass Pollen Allergy?

AllergoCHECK® is a rapid test for the detection of allergy antibodies to cat hair, grass pollen and house dust mites. With AllergoCHECK® you can quickly and easily determine if you have increased susceptibility to certain allergyies. The test is designed to detect IgE antibodies in the blood.
Each kit contains everything necessary for the test performance: a test cassette, an instruction leaflet, a solution bottle with sample dilution buffer, 1 automatic sterile lancet for comfortable blood sampling, a glass capillary tube, a pipette, an alcohol pad and a plaster. The results can be read within 10 minutes


Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes are not always the symptoms of a cold. Often it is an allergic reaction to something in the air. There are, among others, three common airborne allergens: cat hair, dust mite and grass pollen. Worldwide, airborne dust causes major problems for people with allergies.
In an allergy, the body‘s immune system reacts to essentially harmless substances from the environment (allergens) through a hypersensitivity reaction. Some of these allergens may be transmitted via the air. In the most common type of allergy (type I allergy), the immune system responds to allergen contact through the formation of immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. If untreated, a persistent allergy to airborne pathogens can induce asthma.

Typical Signs of Allergy:

  • sneezing

  • runny nose

  • itchy eyes and ears

  • severe wheezing & coughing

  • shortness of breath

  • sinus problems

Who should get tested?

Children and adults suffering from frequent sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and ears, severe wheezing,
coughing, shortness of breath or sinus problems.

Advantage of self-test:

  • Complete test kit with all the necessary accessories.

  • Safe & easy test procedure at home with immediate results.

  • Narrows down the possible cause of symptoms so a doctor can use these results to initiate treatment.

  • Achieves comparable results with laboratory tests.

  • The test can be performed at any time of the year and does not require discontinuation of medication or the acute presence of allergic symptoms.

Additional info:

  • The test serves to detect a sensitisation to the corresponding allergen.

  • The determination of specific IgE antibodies is one step in the allergological step-by-step-diagnostic procedure. Further testing by a doctor is required.

  • Because of various parameters, allergy tests which are performed on the skin (e.g. Skin-Prick-Test) can obtain divergent results.



Run time





Cut-off level

Specific IgE antibodies against the allergens Whole Blood 10 minutes 94% 98% 97% 97% 0.35 kU/L

AllergoCHECK Instructions for use:

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